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Itami Ai -- Love and Pain


Itami -- A Loveless RP



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To apply: First Read the Rules. Next use this form to apply for a character, and post it in a comment here. Last to confirm you've read the rules please put "Sleepless" as the subject title when you apply. Anyone who breaks the rules will be kicked out of the game!

Your Name:
Your LJ:
Your AIM:
Your Age:
Character of Choice:
Sample Entry of 50 words or more:

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions don’t hesitate to e-mail me at alarmclockmonsters@yahoo.ca

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  • Sleepless

    Your Name: Conan

    Your LJ: Heishiro

    Your AIM: Herachi

    Your Age: 15

    Character of Choice: Aoyagi Ritsuka

    Sample Entry of 50 words or more:

    Ritsuka waited patiently on his desk waiting to see if 'he' would come. They had been through a lot and their love and care for each other grew within the time spent. He did shook his head and focused on the task ahead of him. His hand circled the mouse around till he had the connection.

    Ritsuka looked entered his password, the name he will never forget, his fate, 'Loveless.' He skimmed through until he found the right files containing the pictures taken with his brother and himself. He enlarged the images and examined then again.
    • Re: Sleepless

      Sounds good! Welcome to Itami_ai! Due to minumal numbers the game hasn't started yet, sorry about that. If you know anyone who might be interested feel free to invite them to play. ^__^

      I'll keep you updated on how thing are going, as well, if you like.

      • Re: Sleepless

        Thank you. Please keep me updated and I will try recruit others.
  • Sleepless

    Your Name: KJ
    Your LJ: semi_subtle
    Your AIM: Asukachan9588
    Your Age: 16
    Character of Choice: Agatsuma Soubi
    Sample Entry of 50 words or more:

    Soubi leaned against the brick wall, staring carefully up at the school windows. Ritsuka was in there. Somewhere. He'd have to wait, he supposed, though he could not deny how badly he wanted to see Ritsuka. It had been three days, after all.

    He pulled a pack of cigarettes from his coat pocket and lit one, bringing it to his lips on which a faint smile had formed. He was across the street, not on school property. Ritsuka couldn't tell him off for it. Then again, Soubi wouldn't have minded if he did.
    • Re: Sleepless - Welcome!

      Hey, sorry for taking so long to reply, at the moment I don't have any internet access, and I wont until the end of June. T__T

      Anyway, thanks for applying, and welcome to the game! We haven't started just yet, but I'm confident that everything will get into motion really soon! I'm going to be keeping everyone updated on what's going on, and I look forward to RPing with you!

  • Sleepless - know the feeling X3

    Your Name: Megami Lee
    Your LJ: Megami_Maxwell
    Your AIM: JadedSentouki
    Your Age: Eighteen an’ legal :D
    Character of Choice: Sagan Natsuo of Zero
    Sample Entry of 50 words or more:

    I don’t think I want to try Kio’s beer again.

    So nasty! It tastes like piss. Really! It isn’t cute at all, and my head’s all fuzzy now, and I think the light hurts to look at. Or, Soubi keeps groaning at it, and Kio’s been whining about gouging his eyes out, (but won’t let me and Youji help! Boo!!) and I think we might agree with them. Youji was squinting funny at the lamp this morning, so I turned it off our way.

    Probably have to pay for that, but Soubi didn’t get mad at the time…

    Ritsuka had beer after us, and I missed it! It’s embarrassing; we passed out before he even touched it. And I barely had any! (Ew, Youji’s breath smells bad, how much did he have…? Tch, not cute. I’ve gotta find some good juice to fix that… Naaaasty…!)

    Waking up with Kio on my tail was funny, at least. It was still dark (Soubi’s bed is always in the dark. I wonder if that’s intentional, hehe…) and I think Kio finished all the beer after all. He looks green like his hair--it was pretty cute, ‘til he had to go run to the bathroom. That wasn’t so cute. “Never drinking hot beer again!” he says. Youji bets he’ll do it again tomorrow if he’s got the money.

    But Kio was on my tail, trying to eat it in his sleep. So cute! Maybe we can steal borrow Ritsuka’s camera next time there’s beer over. That will make it better, maybe.

    And I won’t have beer. ‘Cause next time I won’t miss out on the fun. Not unless Youji does first!

    Other: Character AIM and LJ haven't been spawned yet (tis my personal policy not to make them before I've been accepted XD) but I've got some ideas for them already. n_n; Hope to get in as Natsuo, ohyes. ♥
    • Re: Sleepless - know the feeling X3

      Welcome to the game! You can go ahead and spawn that AIM and LJ. :D
      • Re: Sleepless - know the feeling X3

        Yahoo!! ^__^ Well, I've been having hell getting them set up AIM.com is a whore. I hates it. but I finally got them :D natsuo_0system, AIM is NatsuoZer0, and Yahoo is Chibi_Zer0_system. I've yet to make it all pretty and such, but I finally did get that much made! ^__^
  • Sleepless

    Your Name:Sarelle
    Your LJ: elfish_etyma
    Your AIM: Pickled Rellish
    Your Age: 19 - old, I know..
    Character of Choice: Yuiko.
    Sample Entry of 50 words or more: Large blue-green eyes closed as the pink-haired girl yawned, and she only managed to blush slightly at the sharp look from her teacher; slumping down in her chair, her gaze wandered over to Ritsuka, who was listening with rapt attention, and she let out a silent sigh. He was just… so cool, and even though she was his friend and he was hers, it just somehow didn’t seem to be enough. She loved him, but he didn’t love her back – and that hurt, sometimes, just a little.
    • Re: Sleepless

      Accepted! :D Welcome to the game! Don't forget to make a journal for Yuiko-Chan~
  • Sleepless

    Your Name: sally
    Your LJ: dangerphoto
    Your AIM: hello loveless
    Your Age: 16
    Character of Choice: Sakagami Kouya
    Sample Entry of 50 words or more:

    I started walking up the stairs to the apartment. I heard noises coming from the door. I turned the key and walked inside to find Yamato standing there with a box of dounts. I stared at the box and then looked at her smiling. "Whats the dounts for?" She smiled more and my heart pounded. "You didn't bring any so i did." I blushed a little. She took me by the hand and we sat down on the couch.

    I looked over at her. I wanted to say something. I wanted to touch her hand. "Um...." she turned to me with the dount half in her mouth. "I'm sorry i didnt bring the dounts." I turned away and blushed and she giggled and came closer to my face. "I forgive you this time" She kissed my cheek. I blushed like crazy. She layed her head down on my lap and fell asleep. What would i do without Yamato?

  • Your Name: Em
    Your LJ: ed77warr
    Your AIM: Ed7Warr
    Your Age: 17
    Character of Choice: Kaidou Kio
    Sample Entry of 50 words or more:

    Today has been pretty boring. Which is a disappointment.

    I'd really hoped Sou-Chan would stick around today. I mean, he was gone all yesterday. But Nooooo~! He went off to see the Aoyagi brat again. I thought it would have been fun to go to the park!

    Or maybe to even get some work done.

    Oh well... I can't be mad at him for too long. It's just how he is. No matter how infuriating it is. And it's not Ritsuka's fault, so I guess I shouldn't get mad at him.... Neither of us can help how Soubi is.

    I wonder if I can talk Sou-Chan into go out with me tomorrow... I'd have to invite Ritsuka along I bet. And he'd drag around all his friends, and then that would kill the mood entirely!

    Well, we'll just have to see now won't we?
    • Accepted! Welcome, and don't forget to create a journal, and AIM for Kio-chan!

    ACK. I forgot to add the subject line. And then it wouldn't let me reply to my own comment or edit... D: I'M SO SORRY.

      That's OK, just as long as you've read the rules. ^__^
  • Sleepless

    Your Name: Ash... or Yuki
    Your LJ: gentle_yuki
    Your AIM: Gentle Yuki
    Your Age: 18.
    Character of Choice: Aoyagi Seimei.
    Sample Entry of 50 words or more: ( Since I'm confused. >> I'll do two. )
    Giving a soft sigh, Seimei placed the controller into his lap, fluidly leaning back in the leather chair, arching his back. "Saa...This game is boring..." He pushed back from the monitor and pushed the controller away before standing, ears giving a twitch before unbuttoning the top button of his shirt.

    Tail swaying, he gave a small amused sound as he watched the character made little bored actions on the screen, moving around the counter to pour himself another cup of the steaming, dark liquid. He tilted his head, steel blue eyes squinting slightly as he gingerly added just the right amount sugar to the bitter liquid.


    Today I watched Ritsuka again... He was at the park. He runs around so happily. It's hard to believe the way that he sits and stares at his photos in angst at night.

    Perhaps I should contact someone. It does get rather boring playing the role of the dead man...but alas... It's something that I felt needed to be done...

    Soubi seems to be getting quite used to Ritsuka. Hm. I shouldn't feel jealous. After all... I was the one who sent him to Ritsuka. Ultimately, it's my own doing.

    I do hope Soubi remembers who his true master is...

    • Re: Sleepless


      Both of those sample entrys were great, you can use either style for your journal -though personally I like the first style for RPing, which you use is up to you.

      Please make a journal for Seimei, and remember to list an AIM with which we can RP with you!
      • Re: Sleepless


        Yeah. The first post would be like RP type thing. You said sample entry. I wasn't sure if you meant a tag or a post. So... yeah~ Oh! Thanks. =D

        I'll do that tonight. ^_^
  • Re: Sleepless

    The first one is more like what I RP with... but I wasn't sure if you wanted that or a sample post. ^_^; The second would be more like a journal post.

    Awesome~ Okay. This will be Seimei's journal.

    AIM: Meisei Beloved

    Feel free to prod me anytime. ( as long as I'm online ) I'm just about always up for RP. =D
  • Since Heishiro hasn't officially claimed Ritsuka,I will take it instead!

    Your Name: Trinette Rani
    Your LJ: Trin20t
    Your AIM: Mellosuite1
    Your Age: 27
    Character of Choice: Ritsuka Aoyagi

    Sample Entry of 50 words or more:

    *looks up at Soubi as he thought about him saying he loved him*


    *he decided to stay silent and put his head on Soubi's chest.*
    • Um. I'm not too sure that's how it works, y'know. As for your sample entry... with that, I doubt (hope?!) that you don't get in. Nothing meant by it, but...

      I'm shutting up and leaving this to the mod.
    • Though I'm not the mod, I'm Zero and therefore claim mod abilities for myself by default.

      Please read the rules; your application does not fit the minimum requirement of a fifty word entry. This is not meant to be a post during the actual one-on-one or group RPing over messenger systems; it's your journal, and therefore needs to be up to a simple standard: spelling and grammar are a must. Heishiro may or may not be playing our Ritsuka, but if you're planning to usurp the job from them, at the very least outdo their initial application and keep to the standard format indicated in the other comments.
    • Heishiro was accepted as our Ritsuka; perhaps I wasn't clear, and I apologize for that, but what I'm needing from the members is a follow up to make sure they still want to play. I cannot in good conscience simply give away someone's character. The time of inactivity that has passed is mainly my fault, so I have to consent with all of my current members before making any decisions.

      I thank you for taking an interest in Itami_ai however, and if you would really like to be a part of the game, I would ask that you select another character to apply with, carefully review the rules, and apply again.
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