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Itami -- A Loveless RP
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Itami Ai is a serious, members only RPG, based on the Loveless anime series. The plot of Itami will be similar to canon, but open to development. It will take place, however, after the last episode of the anime.


There are a total of 19 characters in Loveless, and I would like to see that there be no more then two characters per RPer, for the time being.

The list is as such.

Myoujin Ai
Agatsuma Soubi [taken]
Aoyagi Misaki
Aoyagi Ritsuka [taken]
Aoyagi Seimei [taken]
Kaidou Kio [taken]
Sagan Nagisa
Nakano Yamato
Sagan Natsuo [taken]
Arai Midori
Minami Ritsu
Sakagami Kouya [taken]
Shinonome Hitomi
Shioiri Yayoi [taken]
Sagan Youji [In reserve]
Hawatari Yuiko [taken]


[1] To join please fill out the form below to join. You must be accepted by the moderator to be able to play, and post messeges in the main comm.

[2] Each RPer is expected to make at least one journal entry every two weeks, or they will be considered no longer a member. However if sufficient reasons are supplied then they will be welcome to continue to play. Life happens after all.

[3] All Rping must be done on Instant Messengers. AIM is the most favourable messenger.

[4] All members must be respectful to each other.

[5]Remember to eat, sleep, bathe, and do your homework! Don’t feel you need to RP for the sake of it. If you feel you cannot continue either quit, or provide and excuse for your absence. Life comes first.

[6]Obviously yaoi, yuri, and het are all accepted.

[7]Do not fight with another Rper in any of the character journals, or in the main comm.

[8] No character deaths please. There are so few characters that killing off characters is strictly forbidden.

[9]Each character must have their own LJ account, and their own AIM.

[10]No one younger then 15 will be allowed to play. Please do not apply if you are younger then the age of 15. The older you are the better really.

[11] Have Fun! :D


Please use this form to apply for a character, and post it in a comment Here. And to confirm you've read the rules please put "Sleepless" as the subject title when you apply.

Your Name:
Your LJ:
Your AIM:
Your Age:
Character of Choice:
Sample Entry of 50 words or more:

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions don’t hesitate to e-mail me at alarmclockmonsters@yahoo.ca